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All companies strive to offer products and services that their customers want. By harnessing the immediacy of the web to encourage an ongoing dialogue, businesses can tap onto their customers hearts and minds and in the process gather invaluable feedback.

Given the chance, stakeholders (customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees) would share their likes and dislikes, expectations, ideas, designs, experties, even personal data to let companies know them better and serve them better. In this process, by sharing their firsthand knowledge and experiences, they become active partners in improving, even improvising new services and products.

Companies, in turn, need a cost-effective, efficient, interactive learning mechanism to capture and respond to their stakeholders offerings and feedback to stay competitive.

FeedbackAgent has been designed to bring companies and their stakeholders together.

To see how FeedbackAgent can help you listen smarter and collaborate better take our Demo Tour and review Our Focus.

When your stakeholders talk, do you listen? FeedbackAgent , The Voice of Your Stakeholders.

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